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If you are in the mood for an MMO game and Guild Wars 2 was the choice you decided to make, in order to fully enjoy your choice, you should start by discovering the main classes that you can rely on in order to become the most impressive character of the game. You should also know that these classes are also known as professions, so no matter the Guild Wars 2 classes guide that you choose to use in order to find out some secrets about your favorite type of character, you should keep in mind that they are the one and same thing.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Profession Best Guild Wars 2 Classes

Engineer Class

Guild Wars 2 Thief Profession Best Guild Wars 2 Classes

Thief Class

So, speaking of Guild Wars 2 classes I must first of all let you know that there are 8 of them, each one with its strengths and weaknesses, so you will have to choose the one that suits your game-play style. Let’s start with the Guardian class which is the right class for your if you are interested in being able to counteract the attacks of 3 or 4 enemies at the same time without even flinching. So, this is the profession hardest to kill in a 1 on 1 encounter.  Even teams that have a special weapon such as a ranger will find it hard to get past a Guardian in a tournament, so watch out.

The other class that impresses with remarkable strength, being ready to wear some of the most impressive armors of the game is the Warrior. This is the type of class that you can exploit the best especially if you gift it with the right type of weapon. In Guild Wars 2, the weapon most recommended for such a character has become the hammer which will keep you out of trouble in PvP as well as WvW situations. However, if you are interested in the best Guild Wars 2 class for PvP, the Warrior can be the right choice only if you stick to the traditional Greatsword.

Next on the list of Guild Wars 2 classes available is the Engineer who will reveal its strengths only when built by a wise player. That’s because this powerful and flexible profession requires players that perfectly understand its mechanics. That’s why you might want to get some help from a Guild Wars 2 classes guide that provides inside information about how to level and build such a character. You should also know that you will have at disposal some improved sigils that you should use to your advantage in order to have the upper hand in PvP and WvW encounters. Because there is more than one ingredient that you need to combine in order to truly become a dangerous player, this is a profession for those who love a good challenge.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Profession Best Guild Wars 2 Classes

Warrior Class

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Profession Best Guild Wars 2 Classes

Elementalist Class

The Ranger is also a class that you should consider, especially if you like the idea of a pet tagging along. In Guild Wars 2 this pet has become more useful than before, being able to attack even moving targets. Many see this profession as being formidable, mostly because its traits can help you survive for a long time: on the one hand you attack with your pet while on the other hand you prevent damage from affecting you by using your swordmovement skills. Once again, this profession can be the best Guild Wars 2 class for you if you know how to combine its strengths and like the idea of controlling a character as well as a pet.

The list continues with the Thief which is probably one of the least popular Guild Wars 2 classes. That’s mostly because their capabilities always tend to be less versatile, damaging and long-lasting than the ones of the other professions in the game. However, their capabilities may be more extensive than believed when combined in a more innovative manner, so before giving up on the idea of investing your time in this profession, you should read a few guides and find out if there isn’t anything you can do in order to make its capabilities shine.

Before taking a final decision, you should also consider the Elementalist class which manages to stay as impressive as ever as long as you gift it with double daggers as well as bunkering. Built like this, an Elementalist becomes close to indestructible while hitting its enemies with more damage than ever. This is the perfect combination for making sure that you can take down 4 weaker players on your own. So, this is the class that you will love to play with especially in tournaments. Being able to specialize it almost completely in toughness and vitality is an advantage that no one can deny.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Profession Best Guild Wars 2 Classes

Ranger Class

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Profession Best Guild Wars 2 Classes

Necromancer Class

You also have at disposal the Mesmer which from the Guild War 2 classes available is the one that you can enjoy to the fullest by exploiting four different skills. The skills that you should focus on are Veil, Feedback, Time Warp and Portal. Their only downside, the lack of physical mobility, is compensated by so many upsides in all the other departments that matter when trying to build a character in this game that it will be hard to find it anything else other than impressive. It’s definitely a profession that you should look into.

Last, but not least we have the Necromancer which is supposed to impress with its minions. Unfortunately, those minions tend to be even less impressive than the pet you get as a ranger, so don’t choose this profession only because will get to control minions. Trust me: you will be disappointed. However, you shouldn’t instantly give up on the idea of playing such a profession because there are quite a few builds that can turn the Necromancer into an enemy to be feared.

Most likely, those who are just beginning to discover this game will choose their first profession with their heart. That’s not wrong, but as you gain more and more experience, you will understand more than ever why it’s so important to think of possible builds before choosing a certain class.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Profession Best Guild Wars 2 Classes

Guardian Class

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Profession Best Guild Wars 2 Classes

Mesmer Class

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