Best PvP class in Guild Wars 2 | GW2 PvP Guide

best pvp class in guild wars 2 300x118 Best PvP class in Guild Wars 2 | GW2 PvP GuideBest PvP class in Guild Wars 2

Best PvP class in guild wars 2 is the class that will be able to use both ranged and melee weapons successfully. There are two types of PvP in Guild Wars 2. They are world PvP and structured PvP. World PvP allows you to play a particular character at any level. The level difference is adjusted through increasing the level and changing statistics of all players up to level 80. Thus the difference between PvE and structured PvP is reduced. You will be able to use ranged weapons both in WvW and melee weapons can be used in mini battles.


Warriors have great prospects to be qualified for best class as they possess great strength in utilization of bow and dish. You will be really surprised to find their efficiency and the massive damage that they can cause. Great number of warriors use bow in very effective manner and thus, enhancing their chances in great combat operations. A number of YouTube videos are available supporting this.


Thieves can be used for mini battles. Thief will be able to steal various things and this is the strength of the class. As you will be able to move in disguise, it is easy to be positioned in an advantageous location and thus pose a great threat to the enemies. Thief can effectively control the battle pace.


Elementalist’s strength will be very low. They can cause damage through AOE. It is difficult to play with them without using the staff or dagger. The advantage with Elementalist is that they can easily switch over to other roles. There are a total of four roles that can be changed at any point of time.


Engineers deserve a better build to get the most out of PvP. You should be able to make use of the glue shot. Dual pistols can also be used for your maximum advantage. You can utilize Net and rocket jump. If you can get close you can cause great damage. You can use pistols and shields to cause great damage.

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