Guild Wars 2 Emotes – Find them all in one place!

Guild Wars 2 Dance Guild Wars 2 Emotes   Find them all in one place!

Guild Wars 2 Dance

Guild Wars 2 Emotes are a great way to communicate and have some fun while doing it . Those chat commands let users character to make an animated move, emote will also appear in emote chat channel with description which one was used. Ever wondered how other players dance, jump, say hello with animated moves? Well you have come to the right place, we have prepared you the emote list that you can use in Guild Wars 2 – enjoy.

Guild Wars 2 Emote List

Here is a list of Guild Wars 2 emotes – first column is a command that you write in chat-window text ( don’t forget to put / before each command), second column shows what your character does in emote chat channel. The third column shows the text that appears when you point an emote at the current target, by appending “@” after the emote, e.g. “/cry @“.

Command Chat message Targeted message
/beckon [Character] beckons. [Character] beckons to [Target].
/bow [Character] bows. [Character] bows for [Target].
/cheer [Character] cheers. [Character] cheers for [Target].
/cower [Character] cowers.
/cry [Character] is crying.
/dance [Character] is busting out some moves, some sweet dance moves.
/kneel [Character] kneels.
/laugh [Character] laughs. [Character] laughs with [Target].
/no [Character] disagrees. [Character] disagrees with [Target].
/point [Character] points. [Character] points at [Target].
/ponder [Character] ponders.
/salute [Character] salutes. [Character] salutes [Target].
/shrug [Character] shrugs. [Character] shrugs at [Target].
/sit [Character] sits.
/sleep [Character] sleeps.
/surprised [Character] is surprised. [Character] is surprised by [Target].
/threaten [Character] is threatening. [Character] threatens [Target].
/wave [Character] waves. [Character] waves at [Target].
/yes [Character] agrees. [Character] agrees with [Target].

Custom emotes in Guild Wars 2

Yes Guild Wars 2 lets you create yourcustom emotes by typing /emote, /me, /em or /e  followed by a space and the text to display as an emote – although there are no animations for these emotes they will still appear in emote channel list. Just to give you an example For example,

  • /me will eat a pizza displays “[Character Name] will eat a pizza” in a gray color, but your character will not perform the laughing emote, because it isn’t in Guild Wars 2 Emote List, but will appear in emote channel list.

Synchronizing emotes with other players in Guild Wars 2

Writing an asterisk “*” to an emote (e.g. “/wave *“) will put an emote into a queue which is processed every 5 seconds, allowing group of players to do emotes at the exact same time ( dancing, laughing, waving and so on icon smile Guild Wars 2 Emotes   Find them all in one place! ).

Repeated emotes

The kneel, dance, sit, cry and sleep emotes are repeated – that means they won’t stop until you do a physical action. The move will end when you move, perform an action, draw a weapon, use a skill or press escape ( Esc ) key.


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